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    A Desert Retreat

    Monika’s Clauberg’s Nevada desert garden near Las Vegas was nearly destroyed when a water pipe broke, flooding and washing away her landscaping. She says, “Here it is the beginning of April and some things are coming back. Desert plants are most thankful for the littlest drink. We had to put big urns in the upper right hand corner,… the root system from a huge bush could not be totally removed. I am happy to report, things are filling in nicely.”

    Monika Clauberg in her award winning derst garden near Las Vegas

    Monika Clauberg in her award winning derst garden near Las Vegas

    Here Monika points toward a small Verdin nest in the tree. Verdin are tiny, active songbirds, grey with yellow faces who live in the arid southwestern United States and northern Mexico.


    Desert Dandilions and purple desert asters

    Desert Dandilions and purple desert asters


    Color in a dry garden climate

    In her garden she has a variety of heat loving plants, like Mojave and Firecracker penstemon, desert dandelions, desert asters and bottle brush. In Spring, pyracantha, stunning Apache plume, bright beavertail cactus and soft pink Mexican primrose bloom.

    Mojave Penstamon

    Mojave Penstamon

    A stunning bottle brush reaches for the sky

    A stunning bottle brush reaches for the sky.

    Blooming Beavertail cactus

    Blooming Beavertail cactus


    Tall drought tolerant Penstamon edges the walk

    Pyracantha blooms white in Spring

    Pyracantha blooms white in Spring

    Monika, says, “Now I will brag a bit. I won 2nd price in the whole Las Vegas Valley for creative desert garden, made by owner. It was even a video in Europe, showing how we deal with the water shortage, and how one can have a green garden in the Mojave Desert.”

    Monika Clauberg in her patio garden

    Monika Clauberg in her patio garden

    Right now replacing a thirsty lawn is a big trend in home landscaping and Monika proves that you can have a beautiful garden even in extreme drought conditions. This Spring she’ll be sitting pretty at her garden table with blooms all around her and her garden sign says it all…  ~~ Sue

    Live for Today

    Live for Today

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    Sue Langley, a passionate gardener and photographer lives and gardens with her husband and Corgi, Maggie on 7 acres just south of Yosemite, Zone 7 at 3000 feet. She manages the Flea Market Gardening Facebook page and website.


    1. Kathy says:


    2. Jeanne Sammmons says:

      Enjoyed Monika’s gardens so much! Beautiful ideas…lots of color & texture…so different from my ecosystem! Beautiful!

    3. Nell Howard Stelzer says:

      Beautiful gardens !! I love the bottle brush tree !!

    4. Trudy says:

      What a glorious garden to rest in

    5. Pam/Digging says:

      Monika has made a beautiful garden for herself and wildlife….and her lucky neighbors. How much better this is than a boring, thirsty lawn, especially in a desert city.

    6. Tina says:

      Excellent work, Monika–beautiful and inspiring. I did the same here in Austin, Texas (also on the dry side). I rid myself of all grass and added native and hardy perennials for color, seasonal interest and especially to attract wildlife.

    7. Sue Langley says:

      I’m so glad you’re all enjoying Monika’s garden…hope for Spring! ~~ Sue

    8. Jeanie Merritt says:

      Very interesting tour, and I also enjoyed seeing the very “happy” bottle brush. Fasanating story and a BIG congratulations on your award.

    9. Jimmye says:

      Very nice terrascaping, looks as if you beat the odds.
      Thanks so much for sharing the beautiful blooms with everyone.

    10. fiona says:

      I agree with all the previous comments a really amazing garden , but pam lawns have their place , thirsty maybe but boring ….never….

    11. Myra Glandon says:

      Very pretty. Loved the bottle brush tree. I visited the SW last fall and fell in love with all the agave and other plants you don’t see here in Ohio. The textures and shapes. Your garden combines things we see here, and those desert plants beautifully. Thanks for sharing your garden with us.