• Flea Market Glass Garden Totem: Step by Step

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    Glass Garden Totems: How to

    How to make a garden totem from recycled glass pieces?  Jeanne explains it, step by step.  Easy!

    Tired of ‘rust?’  Are you in a ‘glass’ mode for your gardens?  Here’s a fairly simple ‘glass totem bird waterer.’

    Easy bird bath totem

    Easy bird bath totem…see the microwave turntable it sits on?

    Take 2 green glass vases, 1 green bowl, a microwave glass turntable for a base & a very heavy duty ashtray …use GE Silicone II for Doors & Windows (my preference) to glue them together. Start at the bottom and use masking tape to secure each piece. You may want to let each piece dry before you go on to the next.  Be careful to create a solid bead of glue to hold the pieces well.

     Our favorite glue for glass garden projects

    GE Silicone II is in the paint and caulks department at many hardware stores in a ‘tube’ like for caulk guns or you can buy ‘glue size’ (shown)…just check the ‘use by date’ on the tube!  The microwave plates, found at thrift shops, is used for ‘stability’ purposes & gets covered w/mulch or dirt in the garden.

    Find small glass figurines to add

    Find small glass figurines to add


    Of course, like many FMGers, the ‘fun’ is in the ‘hunt’ … so I added these Flea Market finds…a glass bluebird & a jeweled butterfly pin.


    The fun part is finding a place for your totem in the garden

    The fun part is finding a place for your totem in the garden

    This totem waterer has been in my pond garden for about 5 yrs now except during the Winter


    A side view of the green glass totem bird waterer

    A side view of the green glass totem bird waterer

    Any totem projects in your future? Please post a picture on our Facebook page. ~~Jeanne


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    Jeanne Sammons has lived with her hubby on a small acreage in Iowa for 45 years and enjoys gardening, photography and her 'Secret Garden in the Pines,' which she often frequents with her dog, Nellie.


    1. Amy says:

      Cute, oh my what a neat job, and you can find those vases all over, the ash tray may be a harder find. But what a creative imagination, you have..

    2. Jeanne Sammons says:

      Thanks, Amy … I made another one with these same vases but since I didn’t have another heavy duty ashtray find, I found a round green ‘snack tray’ platewhich had the indentation for a cup … so I glued a little bird on that spot … it was a gift for a friend’s b’day. Had fun doing it!

      1. Tina says:

        I believe your ashtray may have come from Blenko Glass in West Virginia. I have one just like it in amber color that I bought in the late 60s or early 70s. :)

          1. Jeanne Sammons says:

            TFSharing that, Tina … very cool! Love the amber color!

    3. That is so beautiful, thanks so much for the tutorial :O)

      1. Sue Langley says:

        It’s easy to add a bit of bling to the garden this way,…I hope you try this fun project, Deb,…

      2. Jeanne Sammons says:

        You’re welcome, Deb! It was lots of fun to hunt for the glass & the goodies! Hope you’ll share a pic if you give it a try!

    4. Mary Davis says:

      I made one, it was easy, under $10 and very unique.

      1. Jeanne Sammons says:

        Mary … Good for you …would love to see a pic … we all share pics on our Facebook page …just write your comment on the wall & click on ‘add photo’ from your computer files. https://www.facebook.com/fleamarketgardening?ref=ts

    5. Mary Davis says:

      How do I post a photo of it?