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    Recycled and re-purposed,…into benches for the garden!

    Here are a few great ideas for fun flea market style benches for season after season of cozy contemplation in your garden.

    Three chairs joined to make a garden bench

    Above: Playing with lines and spaces makes bench design fun in winter, especially with recycled metals. Three fanciful chairs joined by a smooth wooden seat, bring interest to a stark winter garden scene, designed by Dedra Kirchener. This easy project could be assembled with no nails or screws if you use a great cement or glue!

    Bright paint on an old bench warms a corner of a colorful garden

    Above: As warm weather unfolds, Joan Baccoli-Gromatski adds containers, herbs, birdhouses, and lots of decorations around her inviting yellow bench.  A restful and creative area all in one, this corner features lots of cheerful folk art objects that are entertaining and interesting—a great area for gardeners who love to pinch and groom their plants and herbs within close reach. You can paint a bench in an afternoon, it usually requires very little paint. Seal with varnish, or let Mother Nature add details and natural weathering as the seasons go by.

    Left: A fragile wicker bench quickly become the favorites of lightweight family members. Scrubbed with a nylon cleaning brush dipped in acrylic paints in turquoise and lime, Maxangel claimed this up-cycled garden corner designed by Stephie McCarthy, as soon as the paint was dry. Center: A work of art from carved wood and reclaimed kitchen chairs by Sandra Gerritsen Hogan. The skirt of the bench is recycled molding painted in folk art colors, adding both texture and beauty. Right: A bench in a sheltered area is the perfect place to display colorful patterned or vintage cushions, photographed by Barbara Crenscenzo Vengalli.

    We’re looking forward to even more bench ideas this year. Visit our Flea Market Gardening Facebook page for more fun ideas in garden seating.

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    Stephie McCarthy is an illustrator, designer, and writer who is a passionate gardener and restoring a 150 year old house in historic Harpers Ferry, WV.



    1. jen says:

      My bench just fell apart, it looks like this second one on this page. I know I could do something cute with metal part, but I am not very creative. Do you have any ideas?


      1. This is what I would try, Jen: I would photograph the pieces that you want to keep and post them on our FaceBook page. Lots of times the BEST, most creative people will give you LOTs of ideas for what to make of them, and even show photos of similar projects! Let me know what happen, if you try this!

    2. Jeanne Sammons says:

      Some great recycled benches here, Stephie! Love that wicker bench you reclaimed w/dipping acrylic paints in blue/green …looks great in your gardens & your Max angel looks right @home!

    3. Myra Glandon says:

      Stephie, There are so many ideas these days on making creative and fun benches. FMG is a great source for inspiration no matter your skill level. You showed us several diverse ideas. Thanks for the inspiration as spring is creeping closer and we’re all craving some outdoor time with our gardens.