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    Shut the door Shutters

    Five new ways for using funky old shutters in the garden

    Using old cast off materials in nothing new to a Flea Market Gardener.  Weathered shutters are found on trash day, at yard sales and at Flea Markets or thrift stores. Here is what our creative crew has done with old shutters in the garden:

    Cathy Cove's shutter plant rack

    Cathy Cove, from near Pelham, NH, uses shutters two ways in her garden. She says, “These were from an old carriage house.. These were hinged together at the top.  I attached a vinyl shoe holder for plants.

    Cathy Cove's shutter divider

    “These shutters were also from the old carriage house. I assembled them together and made a garden divider wall. They also fold for easy storage,” says Cathy.


    Tami Williams's shutter angel

    Tami Williams shutter angel holds a cute “Gardening Angel” sign.


    Kim Trudo's porch with shutters and old windows

    Kim White Trudo says, ” Here it is, my friends, my Little porch made from salvaged windows and doors and shutters. These shutters I have had for many, many years and when we went to fit them in they fit Perfectly! I used the porch railing as small walls underneath the windows. Lace curtains billowing in the breeze are so pretty.

    Kim Trudo's porch shutters from the outside

    Kim says, “Here is a look of my porch from the outside. All the pieces fit exactly without any cutting or having to put in spacers. It wasn’t planned when the extension was added but it must have been meant to be! So glad to have a home for my collection at last!

    Kim Trudo's porch shutters

    “Here is a good view of the treasures inside the little porch area. Love the rocker, though it is a bumpy ride!” Kim says.


    Funky Fusions Garden Art's birdhouse

    Funky Fusions Garden says “This is made from old shutters & other recycled pieces.”

      Myra Glandon's shutter angel

    Myra Glandon who lives near Prospect, OH, has a work in progress.  She says, ”Here is a garden angel I made over the weekend. I saw one on Pinterest I really liked so I made one very similar using supplies I already had. Can you guess what her arms are made out of? Yes, the arms are the rockers from an old broken rocking chair! I plan to have her be able to hold things throughout the seasons… Do you think I should leave her as is or paint her?”

    See Myra’s finished project…Myra’s shutter garden angel



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    Sue Langley, a passionate gardener and photographer lives and gardens with her husband and Corgi, Maggie on 7 acres just south of Yosemite, Zone 7 at 3000 feet. She manages the Flea Market Gardening Facebook page and website.


    1. Jeanne Sammons says:

      Shutters galore in the garden! Love all these ideas! That vertical garden w/the shoe bags …unique! I’ve also used recycled shutters on the front of a barnwood window box & a shabby chic birdhouse out in the pines! Great ideas here, Sue! TFS!

    2. I love everything about the porch! The shutters and panels are cool but that door is To. Die. For! And I love what you did with the inside. Very creative!

    3. jan says:

      I missed the hour deadline. How do I get your newsletter?

    4. Myra Glandon says:

      Sue, there is a lot of diverse projects here. I really like Cathys shoe bag planter. That could work for almost any size space Her privacy screen has alot of character and provides much needed privacy from her neighbors yet is easy to take down and store when not being used. I can’t find a single thing I don’t love about Kim’s porch and Tami’s angel is adorable. Thanks for including my wip angel. I can hardly wait to place her in my garden.

    5. ring-d@sbcglobal.net says:

      I love this site. Thank you for sharing with all of us flea market challenged individuals. I see things I love but am not good at coming up with uses for them in the garden. This is very inspiring.

    6. Sylvia St.Clair says:

      I love your ideas… I’m a Master Gardener since 1980. One of the first ones in the Grand Junction , Colorado area. I love to grow, and now I can’t wait to do some projects. I’m also a hobby artist. I love old things and now I can put it all together. My biggest problem is I live on a ranch at about 6900 ft. So it is hard to grow like I would like to, but I have 40 acres to grow it all…

    7. Erika wright says:

      Love all these project ideas. Myra Glandon’s angel especially speaks to me! I am waiting to see what she will hold!

    8. Kim Trudo says:

      So flattered to have my little porch included in your article. Love me some shutters, for sure. Gonna try to make a garden angel too. Thanks for your great work for garden Junkers everywhere.

    9. Marie says:

      Love your site and bookmarking it for ease of returning.

    10. Hope says:

      How did she attatach the head to the shutter on the angel