1. Jeanne Sammons says:

    Shutters galore in the garden! Love all these ideas! That vertical garden w/the shoe bags …unique! I’ve also used recycled shutters on the front of a barnwood window box & a shabby chic birdhouse out in the pines! Great ideas here, Sue! TFS!

  2. I love everything about the porch! The shutters and panels are cool but that door is To. Die. For! And I love what you did with the inside. Very creative!

  3. jan says:

    I missed the hour deadline. How do I get your newsletter?

  4. Myra Glandon says:

    Sue, there is a lot of diverse projects here. I really like Cathys shoe bag planter. That could work for almost any size space Her privacy screen has alot of character and provides much needed privacy from her neighbors yet is easy to take down and store when not being used. I can’t find a single thing I don’t love about Kim’s porch and Tami’s angel is adorable. Thanks for including my wip angel. I can hardly wait to place her in my garden.

  5. says:

    I love this site. Thank you for sharing with all of us flea market challenged individuals. I see things I love but am not good at coming up with uses for them in the garden. This is very inspiring.

  6. Sylvia St.Clair says:

    I love your ideas… I’m a Master Gardener since 1980. One of the first ones in the Grand Junction , Colorado area. I love to grow, and now I can’t wait to do some projects. I’m also a hobby artist. I love old things and now I can put it all together. My biggest problem is I live on a ranch at about 6900 ft. So it is hard to grow like I would like to, but I have 40 acres to grow it all…

  7. Erika wright says:

    Love all these project ideas. Myra Glandon’s angel especially speaks to me! I am waiting to see what she will hold!

  8. Kim Trudo says:

    So flattered to have my little porch included in your article. Love me some shutters, for sure. Gonna try to make a garden angel too. Thanks for your great work for garden Junkers everywhere.

  9. Marie says:

    Love your site and bookmarking it for ease of returning.

  10. Hope says:

    How did she attatach the head to the shutter on the angel

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