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    Fairy garden in-a-pot

    Flea Market Gardening fairies…have found a home at Jeanie Merritt‘s house.   Inspired by a fairy garden idea in a broken pot, seen at a nursery, Jeanie gathered her supplies, sat down, literally, and lost track of time as she created a tiny little world in a pot!   If you build it, fairies will come!

    Jeanie's enchanted forest-featured

    How she did it…

    Jeanie says, “I took my sister out today for lunch and then off to a nursery. There I saw a large broken pot miniature garden scene. I so loved it, that I came home and spent the best part of the afternoon at my kitchen table constructing one!   I had a pot, broken due to cold weather to start with.  Yes, newspapers down on my kitchen table, a dirty, messy situation, but that’s where I wanted to drink my tea and work…”


    First stage...MESSY!

    First stage…MESSY!

    “Following true to my personal 2013 gardening challenge, which is to buy as little as possible and repurpose or trade with friends instead, I used everything I already had except for the one plant that is up on the top level by the house…I so wish I had a better camera, because this was the best shot out of 9, and it still doesn’t show the depth and naturalistic scene of the rocks and plants, but it will have to do…” Jeanie tells us.


    Zauberwald means Enchanted Forest in German.

    “This little piece of slate says…Zauberwald means Enchanted Forest in German.”



    “This is Annabella…she is searching the mountains for Cara, she watches out for her, who is shy and is unable to fly.”


    First stage done

    First stage,… done

    The plants Jeanie used are tiny creeping thyme, moss and the smallest of sedums.


    Tiny little heart house.

    Tiny little heart house

    “I had fun doing it,” Jeanie says,”…made a few adjustments…I changed out the house to a bit larger one and added a “stick” roof on it…I found the little birdhouse at Hobby Lobby… The roof was shiny and “commercial” looking…so I painted it black and glued sticks on it.”


    Adorable tiny details.

    Adorable tiny details…twig ladder and tiny ‘rusty’ wheelbarrow


    Tiny mushrooms given by a friend.

    Tiny mushrooms given by a friend

    “The mushrooms given to me by a gardening friend, Kirk Willis… add a nice touch, I think, especially that little red one that is partially hidden.
    After “tweaking” my fairy garden that I thought was finished, I continued moving things around, adding this and that, clipping the tiny plants until it is finally finished!
    I have moved it to an old kitchen chair in a protected part of my patio, where it will remain throughout the season… The slate sign says, Zauberwald, which is German for “Enchanted Forest” I hope you enjoy it…” says Jeanie.


    Jeanie's enchanted forest, finished.

    Jeanie’s enchanted forest, finished

    “The picture does not sufficiently show the depth to this “forest” which , in person, adds to it’s mystic feeling with the boulders and the height.. I keep the walls, when I can, misted with water which gives the affect of wet, damp, forest… All of you just come on over and take a look in person.

    It’s a wonderful feeling to feel good about a project’s success for myself, and after sharing this with friends and seeing their enjoyment…it means even more… ”

    ~~ Jeanie

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    Editor’s Note:

    Many fairy garden accessories can be purchased, but we at Flea Market Gardening are such DIYers, we like to make our own!  Here is another article on DIY Fairy Gardens….we hope you make one for yourself!  ~~ Sue


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