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    Flea Market Gardening inspiration

    Do you have a fairy garden?  And do you make your own accessories?  Here at Flea market Gardening, we like to make our own and here you’ll find all our favorite tips and examples.

    Fairy garden ideas you make yourself!  DIY!

    Arlene Brenneman's tiny house centers the miniaturel garden

    Arlene Brenneman’s tiny house centers the miniature garden


    Brenda Schenck's small sized doll furniture

    Brenda Schenck’s small sized doll furniture

    Nancy Johnson says, “Use doll house furniture!”


    Cherrie Carine's teeny fairy house made with twig trim and white-washed

    Cherrie Carine’s teeny fairy house made with twig trim and white-washed

    Denise Shepherd tells us, “You can make houses out of recycled cardboard, wood, branches, Quikcrete and stones, or pottery. Or you can buy the already made birdhouses at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby paint those with outdoor paint and put some tin on the roof.”


    Kay Bassett's garden with tiny details, found and made

    Kay Bassett’s garden with tiny details, found and made

    Martha Reeves suggests, “Use Popsicle sticks to make benches or fencing.”


    Jennifer Fox's garden and handmade picket fence

    Jennifer Fox’s garden and handmade picket fence

    Where to find fairies online

    sleeping fairy Sleeping Little Fairy Outdoor Statue

    Miniature Fairy Garden Forget-Me-Not Fairy Miniature Fairy Garden Forget-Me-Not Fairy

    elf Miniature Fairy Garden Elf Fairy

    Sally Timperley says, “I have been collecting miniature houses and animals from the thrift stores to make a fairy garden. They have lots of miniature things.”


    Rosanna Eso says, “I made my house out of a cinder block. I used fast drying cement that I mixed with water and spread it all over the block. Let dry. Then, I used slate for the roof and a rock shaped like an oval door. I painted the “door” black and also painted faux windows on the house!”


    Mushrooms from hypertufa similar to the one Arlene Brenneman made

    Mushrooms from hypertufa similar to the one Arlene Brenneman made

    Amanda Jo Christiansen says, “I just made tiny, tiny mushrooms for my fairy garden. I used 1/2″ x 1″ shaker pegs in a pack of 12 and painted them. They look great!


    Linda Arbour's mini garden with Sculpey mushrooms

    Linda Arbour’s mini garden with Sculpey mushrooms

    Linda Gladman says, “Indoor gnome planter I made … the “kitty” and mushrooms I made with Sculpey clay.”


    Brenda Schenck's DIY Fairy Garden

    Brenda Schenck’s DIY Fairy Garden

    Sandy Hawkins says, “I had an idea…..use plaster of Paris to form the walls. You could make a plastic mold….OR I am thinking I could form a mold in the dirt. Line with a plastic bag. Use plastic or wood pieces to form window openings. I would also sprinkle dirt over the plastic bag liner. It would integrate into the walls and give them a very rustic look….I think you could glue the walls together and add the roof…..


    Kathy Gilbert's weathered fairy door

    Kathy Gilbert’s weathered fairy door

    Connie Giovanni says, “Make a gazing ball-golf tee with a pretty marble glued on. For a bird bath use a sea shell glued on a golf tee. I did both of these for my granddaughters fairy garden.”


    Betty Sneeringer's broken flower pot garden

    Betty Sneeringer’s broken flower pot garden

    Diana L. Duggan says, “Sculpey clay works for all your miniature garden accessories.  I also collect little figurine salt shakers…for mine.. Of course you’d form the clay and bake it but pieces glue well together. I am doing a mosaic hut covered with small stones”


    Helen Eyers' twig chair

    Helen Eyers’ twig chair

    Cindy Murariks handmade twig cradle

    Cindy Murariks handmade twig cradle

    Tina Manuel says, “eBay has lots of vintage doll house furniture.”

    Janet Browns fairy garden

    Janet Browns fairy garden with broken pots, shells and gravel


    Lola Josey says, “I plan to make one and since I have a 3 story dollhouse will stick to the 1′ to 1″ scale…will convert one of the birdhouses I’ve purchased at tag sales by covering the hole with a front door”


    Becky Norris says, “I made several doors for my gnomes so they could enter their secret home. I made a model from clay and then made a silicone mold, poured the mold with a resin and then painted and sealed the doors before adding them to my Gnomedom. I will have so find and post a picture of the doors. I just put some of the furniture from my collection of Ideal and Marx furniture from the 40s and 50s to the Gnomedom for my little gnomes. They deserve the very best.”


    Kay Bassett's little "fairies" enjoy their garden.

    Kay Bassett’s little “fairies” enjoy their garden.

    Jeannie Rhodes says, “ I’ve seen fairy villages set up in a bird bath that could no longer hold water. That way the fairy village is at eye level.”

    Anita Earnest's fairy door in a tree

    Anita Earnest’s fairy door in a tree


    Sculpey from Amazon for fairy garden accessories



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